Monday, January 21, 2013

How Would You Like Your Portrait Done...For Free? A story of 50 portraits told threw the mind and art of painting by artist Dustin Rankin. Every Portrait will be created using his unique style and technique. Capturing or very souls, Deep down to the heart and who we are as citizens. Please Submit your Portrait while you still can, because once 50 Portraits have been selected your chance at being part of Dustin Rankin next Solo show is over. At the end all portraits created will be uploaded to A Story of 50 Portraits and each one of you will receive a free print of your portrait created. The original portrait will be the property of the artist but you will be provided with your own high quality print for framing and first option to purchase the portrait if you choose to do so. So what have you got to loose? To be included please submit a story about your portrait witch will be included with each portrait painted once completed and please be creative when picking out your Portrait. The more creative you are the better chances your portrait has getting selected. Things to think about when submitting that will better your chances in being selected. History, Hard Times, Recovery, Life, Love, Laughter, Heart breaks, Death, and Passion. Please Submit your Photo to and please no photo's that are taken by people that didn't give permission to have their photo used. Dustin Rankin has been creating artwork for over 10 years. He studied painting at San Francisco Art Institute and Sierra College. His work has been published in newspapers, paper books, Galleries all around CA, and has won artist of the year. To Dustin paintings are a window of creating the perfect story told in one image, that later can be used to create a unique animation transforming the single image into a fluent solid story. Who knows you could be selected to be in one of his short animations. In each painting I strive for a sense of color harmony to compliment a strong design element. It is foundational that each portrait represents an accurate likeness, but it is equally important that it is a stunningly beautiful work of art. Depending on the portrait size it could take up to 8 hours are a few weeks. It involves taking risks with colors, fabric and the right brush strokes. Patterns can change everything in the eye of the portrait. Each time I paint, I know something new and wonderful is waiting to be discovered. Every day I wonder what I will learn and where it will lead me. I hope in return my portrait will inspire and keep young artist motivated to keep working on there talents during these hard times.